Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I am finally doing this.

Ok Jamey. I've created my blog. And now I need to cook something. I cooked twice today, so tomorrow, or maybe the next day... (Let's remember I'm a slacker at times...) I will take pictures and blog about what I cook. It's only taken me two years to get this far- so. Thank you for the push. You Rock.

Like I said in my profile, cooking makes me happy. It's the only thing that has really made me feel creative. My pulse slows and stress falls away when I cook... nothing else matters... And maybe the most important reason I love to cook... my roots... my father, Bruce, and my grandmother, Phoebe were my first inspirations... my strongest memories of them are of being with them in the kitchen... making dinner every night with my dad, baking 500 cookies on a Saturday afternoon with Gram... I'm sure what they've taught me and the way they have inspired me will show itself throughout my postings.

I also see this blog as a push for me to try some things I've been putting off... such as baking bread (JSB- expect messages begging for tips) or making cheesecakes (Amb- I still have the spring form pan you left me with when you moved...) and I can't wait to try, to fail, and to get it all right in the end.

To end my first post... my philosophy on cooking is... well, unadulterated. I like things clean. I like quality, organic ingredients. I like things simple and when I'm done eating, I like to feel good. I want to be nourished and I want to nourish the people I love.


  1. Most wonderful, Kimberly. I am happy to be reading your blog.

  2. YAY! I can't wait to read about all your yummy food adventures in cooking. :)